Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Next Stop!

Our 10th Anniversary Quilt enjoyed a lovely visit to Blackheath this weekend. The group at Anne Sommerlad's Retreat kept it company, while attending classes and relishing the friendship of the participators.
It then nestled in a shady spot in Susie's garden under the camellia tree.

Susie, Robyne and Moyra enjoying the afternoon.

Those edges are amazing!

Where to next? 
Let's see if it travels down the mountain and arrives at 'Down Patchwork Lane' in Penrith. Lots to see in the big city! It's final destination will be the Springwood Community Quilt Show on the last weekend in April. Will keep you posted.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


 Our lovely raffle quilt recently visited a farm in Leura. It had previously had a short stay at The Stitching Post in Lurline Street, Katoomba. No longer lying quietly on a bed it spent last Friday checking out the countryside and enjoying the fresh mountain air.

 It wandered up a stony path and found a great spot to hang around, just enjoying the birds in flight and the lazy lizards playing in the sun.

   If only the kites bordering the quilt could fly, over the valleys they would go. Thanks Robyne for a fabulous edge highlighted against the slabs of the timber hut.

Where to next? A possible visit over the ranges to Bathurst. We'll keep you posted!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Three pics of our gorgeous 2015 raffle quilt - based on a 1930s quilt owned by Kaye Brown. Hand pieced by committee members and machine quilted by Susie Anderson - also a committee member.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Guest Quilter

The guest quilter for 2015 will be the fabulous Rhonda Pearce. Rhonda has lived in the Blue Mountains for over 30 years and owned Post Office Patchwork in Glenbrook for around 17 years. Her background in professional dressmaking has assisted her in choosing fabrics, working with colour and creating inspiring designs.
In 2013 Rhonda's quilt 'Baltimore Classic' was accepted into the Houston Quilt Show in the U.S.A. She won the Viewers Choice section and 1st place in the Professional Applique section. Quite an achievement!

Centre of Baltimore Classic

This beautiful design is enhanced by her excellent hand quilting,which highlights the hand applique work.

Baltimore Classic-Winner of Houston Show 2013

Rhonda has been involved in the  'Cocktail Quilters' at Glenbrook for the past 12 years. This group holds a show every 3 years at Glenbrook to display their gorgeous designs.
Another of Rhonda's beautiful quilts is 'My Patchwork Journey', consisting of hand applique and hand quilting.

Centre of 'My Patchwork Journey'

Imagine the years it took to create the quilt top and then complete the hand quilting!  And check out that border-all hand stitched!

Rhonda and her finished work.

Rhonda will have more time to work on quilts now that she has sold her shop in Glenbrook and is looking forward to working on many projects for her grandchildren.
You will be able to visit Rhonda and check out her patterns on stage at the show in April 2015 where she will be available to discuss her projects and display her quilts.
In the shade of the trees outside her home Rhonda displays her intricate work in 'Baltimore Symphony.'

Can't wait to see what other surprises Rhonda has to show us at next year's show!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

BIG cheque!

Yesterday several members of the Quilt Show Committee had the pleasure of handing over to the Rural Fire Service a cheque for the massive amount of $7000!
We were luncheon guests of Maurice Cooper, OAM at Bygone Beauties in Leura.
L to R: Daniel Myles BMCC Councillor, Chris Van der Kley Deputy Mayor BMCC, David Jones District Manager BMRFS, Moyra Sanderson Committee member, Maurice Cooper OAM Bygone Beauties, Ann Murray Committee member
Front: Susie Anderson, Suzanne Laird and Chris Jurd Committee members
We had a delightful lunch and with all those Councillors on the scene it was a chance for the Committee to gain ideas for future fund raising via Community grants.
Our donation to the RFS this year is our biggest yet and brings our total donations over the last four years to nearly $20,000.
Quite impressive for a Community quilt show run by a group of around 10 enthusiastic women who all have lots of other tasks consuming their time, not to mention several in full and part-time work.
Well done to us all and maybe we can beat this year's effort next year!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

On-line entries in 2015

Exciting progress is being made towards on-line entries for the 2015 Show. After eight years of typing all the entry details into a computer program so that we can securely manage all the lovely quilts, we are creating an on-line entry process which will make it much easier. Look out for the links in the coming months!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

ANNIVERSARY QUILT- A work in progress.

This year's raffle quilt 'Anniversary Quilt' is based on a design published in the U.S.A. in 1870, basically named ' Square A'. The pattern flourished and later became known as Carpenter's Wheel, Star and Diamond and Double Star. The committee displayed a Bethlehem Star quilt at the 2014 Springwood Community Quilt Show made in the 1930's based on this pattern and due to its popularity decided to collaboratively construct the 2015 raffle quilt based on this design.

Who is that playing 'Peek a Boo?'

The owner of the 1930's quilt donated fabrics in soft pastels and contrasting patterned pieces to enhance the design which includes white squares and triangles wrapped around the diamonds.

Squares and Triangles

Thanks Robyne for all your hard work putting the blocks together. The quilt will be edged in colourful kites as an alternative to binding. Looking  forward to the next step.