Tuesday, October 21, 2014

ANNIVERSARY QUILT- A work in progress.

This year's raffle quilt 'Anniversary Quilt' is based on a design published in the U.S.A. in 1870, basically named ' Square A'. The pattern flourished and later became known as Carpenter's Wheel, Star and Diamond and Double Star. The committee displayed a Bethlehem Star quilt at the 2014 Springwood Community Quilt Show made in the 1930's based on this pattern and due to its popularity decided to collaboratively construct the 2015 raffle quilt based on this design.

Who is that playing 'Peek a Boo?'

The owner of the 1930's quilt donated fabrics in soft pastels and contrasting patterned pieces to enhance the design which includes white squares and triangles wrapped around the diamonds.

Squares and Triangles

Thanks Robyne for all your hard work putting the blocks together. The quilt will be edged in colourful kites as an alternative to binding. Looking  forward to the next step.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Show and Tell

At the September meeting held at Suzanne's house, committee members brought along small sections of the raffle quilt we had been working on. Everyone had 2 pieces to make up for display at the committee meeting. It was exciting to see the colours coming together as the pieces were laid out.


Contemplating- What to do first?

Susie and Carol take measurements and think about what to do next.

Tanya displays her lovely piecing 


Some committee members had piecing with corners while others had centre pieces. 

Finished pieces

Around 20 squares make up the 2015 raffle quilt- some members even had to take their pieces overseas to finish them in time for the meeting. Robyne collected the squares at the end of the evening and offered to stitch them together. Thanks Robyne. Can't wait to see them this Thursday.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

3rd Prize Sydney Quilt Show

Springwood Community Quilt Show raffle winner, Peter Kennedy attended the Sydney Quilt Show to collect his prize, 'Grace's Quilt'. This quilt recently won 3rd prize at this year's show in the group category at Darling Harbour. 

 Peter enjoyed collecting his prize on the day.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lucky Winners

The gorgeous raffle quilt was won this year by lucky ticket holder Peter Kennedy from Annandale in Sydney. He is excited to gain possession of the quilt after the Sydney Quilt Show.

Grace's Quilt-2014 Raffle Quilt

The second prize was won by Robyn Chaffey of Hazelbrook- a gift of a quilters pack containing a sewing machine carry case.
Third prize was won by Carmel Grenway who is happy to receive dinner for Two at Silk's Brasseri in Leura.
The Lucky Door Prize was won by Adele Avery from Annandale.
The volunteers prizes were won by Arthur, Jim, Rose, Helen and Anna. Thankyou again to all the volunteers.
Fabulous weather for the show weekend- looking forward to the 10th Anniversary Show next year.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wrapping It Up!

In the past few days we have had an enormous number of volunteers assisting in running the quilt show. Without these fabulous people the quilt show would not happen. Some people gave a few hours
 of their time while others only went home to sleep. Thankyou so much for your help and support. Thanks also Mathew for sleeping over and minding the quilts.

Our fearless security guard- Mathew

The beginning of another busy day in Patchwork alley.
View from the stage

Every day of the show, viewers are invited to vote for their favourite quilt. This year  Friday's viewers choice was awarded to Laurelle Krebs for the Randwick Applique quilt.

On Saturday the viewers choice was awarded to Jeanette Mc Kechnie.
Sunday's viewers choice was awarded to Racheldaisy for Pocket Full of Posies.

Rachel receiving her prize

Volunteers worked tirelessly to pack up the show soon after the prizegiving.
Everyone has a job at the end of the day!

Things that go up usually have to come down. The volunteers do a good job at taking things down.

A final thankyou to our guest quilter, Ann Langley. Ann and Isobel entertained visitors on the stage all weekend and explained the finer points of quilting techniques.
We have just about wrapped up for another year and committee members are going home to think about next year's raffle quilt!!!!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Anzac Day

The Springwood Community Quilt Show Committee remembers the Anzacs.

Remembrance Poppies- Ann Langley

Lest We Forget.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Busy Getting Ready

The past two days have seen great changes in the hall at Springwood High School. Volunteers appeared from all around the district to help in setting up this years show. Following the delivery of the frames many people worked frantically to erect the structures for the hanging of the quilts.

This job isn't as easy as it looks.

Can do this single handed.

Vicki and Ann measuring for the tables.

Who said lunch wasn't important?
The ladies made the volunteers a gorgeous lunch of fresh sandwiches and coffee.

Things are looking up! It takes four people to hang those high ones.

There is a job for everyone here.

The hall looks  empty until the day before the show when it fills with the most delightful quilts.

A few of Ann Langley's beautiful and colourful quilts on the stage.

Rabbits around even after Easter! You can find the most unexpected gifts at the show.

Steve and Graeme putting up the Bendigo Bank tents.
 One more sleep till it all starts.