Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tips for writing a quilt description

As we're all measuring up our quilts in preparation to fill out entry forms for the upcoming show I thought we could have some blog posts about entering quilts and filling out entry forms.

I know from chatting with others that a stumbling block when filling out the entry form for some people is the Description section. This is the blurb that is printed on the white card that hangs on the quilt that tells veiwers about the quilt. It can be hard to write about your own work or to think of what details to include. The simple trick is to remember what information you like to read when you see other peoples quilts.

Here are some suggestions of things you can include in your descriptions:

Inspiration - What inspired you to make the quilt? Was it a particular fabric? An antique quilt,  a photo or even a song?
Is the quilt the result of class/workshop or a special pattern.
Did you make the quilt for a special occasion  - to welcome a baby, celebrate an anniversary or birthday.
Did you design the quilt yourself? - once again what were you inspired by
Talk about the techniques you used to make the quilt.
Does the quilt feature a special element to look out for?
You can even get creative and write your description as a poem.

Once you have thought of the information you'd like to include in your description now the trick is to limit it to 275 characters. To save you counting each letter yourself you can use a free online charter counter such as this one. It will tell you the number of characters as you write and it's easy to edit. Once you are happy with your description you can simply copy and paste what you have written into the online form or write it onto a printed form.

Hopefully some of these tips will make it easier to write your descriptions. If you have any tricks or tips about writing quilt descriptions please share them with everyone by writing them in the comments.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

First stop on the Raffle Quilt tour.

 Just a short and sweet blog post to let you know the raffle quilt has started its quilt shop tour.

The first shop is The Home Patch in Bathurst. It will be hanging there for everyone to see for the next 2 weeks. What a great excuse to head to Bathurst, replenish your stash and buy lots of raffle tickets for your chance to win some great prizes.

Thank you to those wonderful quilters who have already entered their quilts and volunteered to help out during the quilt show. A friendly reminder that the deadline for entries is the 18th of March. The more quilts the merrier so keep those entries coming in. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Lots of Dots - the 2016 Raffle Quilt

We're happy to announce that the 2016 raffle quilt is finished!!

And it's spectacular!

For those who have just tuned in the pattern is called Lots of Dots and is designed by this year's featured quilter Chris Jurd. 

The members of the Springwood Community Quilt Show committee all pitched in and each made a block or two. 

Then Susie Anderson of Leura Quilting added her magic with her quilting stitches.

Marilyn added a label that utilises one of the compass block designs. 

This scribble dot fabric couldn't be more perfect for the backing!

So now that Lot's of Dots is finished it's ready to hit the road and tour quilt shops for everyone to see. The first shop will be Hatched and Patched in Bathurst.

You'll be able to buy tickets from the shops it visits, also from from the quilt show committee members and of course when you visit the quilt show in April.

We've got other fabulous raffle prizes too:

2nd prize is an Oliso Quilters Iron, by all accounts this is the bees knees of irons!! Take your hand off and the patented scorchguards life and the iron off the board preventing scorches, burns and tipping. You simply touch the handle and the iron lowers, ready to work. A floating iron!?! what will they think of next?

3rd prize is a Daylight flexible LED floor light, We all know how proper lighting helps to see our sewing stitches, and the daylight colour helps with correct colour choices.

One last photo of Lots of Dots with some of the committee members ( some people were shy and didn't want their photos taken). It'll help give you an idea of the size. Just imagine it covering a bed, draped over a couch or hanging on a wall.

Don't forget it's time for all Blue Mountains quilters to enter their quilts for the 2016 show. The online forms are on the sidebar on the right hand side or download a form and send it the address provided. Enter your latest quilts or old favourites, or even some of both.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Calling all Blue Mountains Quilters!

Calling all Blue Mountains quilters - It's time to decide which quilts you're going to enter for the 2016 Springwood Community Quilt Show because the entry forms are up and ready. Whether it be your latest creation or an old favourite every quilt is a welcome contribution for making the spectacular showcase of patchwork and quilting that the Springwood Quilt Show is known for.

You'll see the online Entry form,  Conditions of Entry and the Volunteer forms in the sidebar on the right hand side of the screen. The online entry form is clearly laid out and designed to be very easy to use however if you are unsure you can download a Postal form and send it to the address provided. If you have any questions email us at springwoodquiltshow@hotmail.com.

The deadline for entries is the 18th of March with a quilt drop off date of 21st April, so if you still need to add finishing touches to your quilts you can enter them now and still have plenty of time to get them completed.

So come on and enter your quilts and let's show everyone what a great region the Blue Mountains is for quilt making and make the 2016 show our very best ever!

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

German Apple Cake

Here it is!!  The recipe for the delicious German Apple Cake that Susan made at our last meeting. This cake is quick and easy to make and always a crowd pleaser. The perfect dessert for this busy holiday season.

Libby's German Apple Cake

125 gms Butter
125 gms Sugar
250 gms SRFlour
½ tsp Salt
375 gms cooking apples peeled and grated
60 gms sultanas
30 gms chopped walnuts
1 tsp cinnamon

1. melt butter and sugar together
2. Take off heat
3. sift flour and salt in q bowl
4. stir flour mixture into melted butter and sugar
5. add 1 large beaten egg
6. stir together it will make a stiff mixture
7. turn 2/3 of mixture into the tin
8. spread out and make surface level
9. mix apple nuts ,cinnamon and sultanas together
10. spread over top of based
11. over mixture dot remainder of flour mixture (it will not cover completely)
12. sprinkle raw sugar over top
13. bake in slow oven 150 deg for 50-60 minutes
14. cake should be a golden colour

Turns out a bit like a short cake half biscuit half cake. Good with cream or yoghurt on the side.

The Springwood Community Quilt Show committee wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year full of fun sewing times.

Monday, November 30, 2015

November catch up

The last month has flown by and before we knew it it was time for our November meeting. The committee met in the upper mountains and got down to tackling the topics on the agenda.
A few of the issues that were discussed were:
Raffle prizes and tickets - There are going to be lots of great prizes!
Entry and Volunteer forms - Making sure all the right details are included.
Quilting progress of the raffle quilt - Susie Anderson of Leura Quilting is going all out with the quilting of the Lots of Dots quilt. Just one circle block took 3 hours. It's going to be spectacular!!

We unpacked the bookmarks for the 2016 show. Tania is our designer of bookmarks and posters and she always does an excellent job. As you can see they look really fun and colourful and have all the information anyone will need to know about the show on one bookmark. They'll start appearing in quilt shops and quilt classes in early 2016. 

Some may think we simply eat cake as a refreshment but our meetings are an excellent opportunity to research cakes that will be served at the cafe during the quilt show. We all agreed that Susan's fruit cake was the best and most moist fruit cake ever! After one mouthful Carol who is in charge of the cafe quickly grabbed her pen and paper to write the recipe down.

Susan had also made a German Apple Cake. I'm hoping she'll share the recipe so I can put it on the blog. Imagine apples, sultanas, spices set into a sweet buttery pastry - delicious!!

And here is a photo of Susan's teapot - Don't you think tea always tastes better when served from a fabulous teapot?

Especially when it has a flock of flamingos on the lid!

So there you are, a glimpse behind the scenes. We'll be back with glimpses of the raffle quilt soon.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Our wonderful Lots of Dots quilt top!!

When Chris Jurd unfolded the finished Lots of Dots quilt top everyone in the room said "Wow!!"

It's wonderful to see how great all the compasses look together. Considering everyone worked with their own colour and fabric choices the blocks are perfect en masse. It's been a great group quilt to make with each person being able to choose a block they want to sew and then when it's time to assemble them there's no seams to match up. Plus it's just one of those magic patterns that always looks spectacular.

The top is now with Susie Anderson of Leura Quilting. She'll add a whole other layer of beauty with her stitches that will transform the top into a quilt! Not long to wait now until we can show off our finished 2016 raffle quilt.

In the meantime there are other decisions to be addressed, tasks to be allocated and progress to be made. Here's an action shot of the committee hard at work as they make their way through the the list of topics on the meeting's agenda. You can tell it's a quilter's meeting with the quilted table cloth. 

Of course we needed cake to keep our energy up. Vicki made a banana cake with chocolate and coconut icing.  It was so delicious it was gone before I thought to take a photo!! But I did get a photo of the pretty serviette/napkins, almost too pretty to use!